SIT TORQUE FLEX® Classical V-Belts and V-Pulleys

SIT TORQUE-FLEX® – Classical high-performance belts are manufactured in accordance with European standards ISO 4184 and DIN 2215. Designed for operating at high speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also, for use in multiple v-belt drives where high shock load and heavy-duty loads are encountered. They do not require special selections to make multiple transmissions, as they are constructed according to the Matchmaker® System that ensures improved production tolerances compared to the limits imposed by the regulations.

Belt characteristics

  • Profile: ZX – AX – BX – CX
  • Static Conductive (ISO 1813)
  • Temperature: -20/+70 °C
  • Tensile members: Vytacord (High resistance polyester)
  • Compound: Wingprene


  • Guaranteed dimensional stability
  • Higher flexibility (Moulded Cog)
  • Matchmaker® System


Available with standard V-pulleys in cast iron material DIN 1691 GG20/GG25, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing, pre-set with oversized hub for self-locking units or according to customer specifications.

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