SIT BANDATE V-Belts and V- Pulleys

SIT BANDED belts are built with strong Polyester tension members. This provides the high-strength, high-horsepower rating capacity needed to effectively transmit drive power.

SIT BANDED belts are available in a cut-edge construction with cogs for increased flexibility and heat dissipation or envelope construction for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high tension, and long centers are involved.

Belt characteristics

  • Profile:
    • XPZ – XPA – XPB – XPC
    • SPA – SPB – SPC
    • 3V – 5V – 8V
    • BX – CX
  • Static Conductive (ISO 1813)
  • Temperature: -20/+70 °C
  • Tensile members: Vytacord (Polyester)
  • Compound: Wingprene (fiber loaded rubber)


  • Guaranteed dimensional stability
  • Heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant


Available with standard V-pulleys in cast iron material DIN 1691 GG20/GG25, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing, pre-set with oversized hub for self-locking units or according to customer specifications.

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