Pulleys and Belts SIT HI-PERFORMANCE Pd® Plus / HPPD PLUS

SIT Hi-Performance Pd® Plus synchronous belts provide a reliable, economical, and trouble-free alternative to transmit power. With reduced drive weight and cost when compared to classic V-belts. Lubrication and tensioning devices are not required thus creating a cleaner, maintenance free synchronous drive. SIT Hi-Performance Pd® Plus belts have been designed for performances exceeding the traditional limitation of the first generation of HTD belt drives.

Belt characteristics

  • RPP/HTD profile
  • Pitch: 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
  • Dual pitch: D5M, D8M, D14M
  • Static Conductive (ISO 9563)
  • Compound: Polychloroprene
  • Tensile members: Fiberglass
  • Belt facing: Polyamide (double)
  • Temperature: -30/+75 °C
  • Available SIT HPPD PLUS timing belts in open end version with relative clamping plates.


  • Universal tooth profile suitable for HTD pulleys
  • Higher power rating compared to standard HTD
  • Maintenance-free
  • High efficiency


Available with standard HTD pulleys in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing or according to customer specifications.

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