Pulleys and Belts – BLACKHAWK Pd®

High-performance synchronous belt with aramid cords for use in rigorous synchronous drives requiring premium performance. BLACKHAWK Pd® is precisely designed and manufactured to fit many high-capacity synchronous applications. The cross-linked elastomer rubber compound is formulated to resist tooth deformity and increase tooth rigidity, increasing belt life and decreasing replacement costs. Compared to other belts in its class, Hibrex® is up to seven points harder with twice the tooth shear. Its chemical stability resists the effects of oils, coolants, heat and ozone. The Hibrex® rubber compound is reinforced with aramid tensile members for high impact strength.

Belt characteristics

  • RPP/HTD profile
  • Pitch: 8M, 14M
  • Static Conductive (ISO 9563)
  • Compound: Polychloroprene (Hibrex®)
  • Tensile members: Aramid
  • Belt facing: Nylon and Polyethylene
  • Temperature: -40/+90 °C
  • Available BLACKHAWK Pd® timing belts in open end version with relative clamping plates.


  • Universal tooth profile suitable for HTD pulleys
  • High power rating
  • Maintenance-free
  • High efficiency


Available with standard HTD pulleys in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing or according to customer specifications.

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