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Elatech iSync® timing beltsare innovative high-performance belts for power transmission made with polyurethane resin body and tension cords in steel or Aramid fiber. The high elastic modulus of tensile cords allows a good dimensional stability under load. The production process, based on a unique and highly sophisticated technology, together with the high quality of the materials in use make Elatech iSync® belts extremely precise. Moreover, Elatech iSync® belts allow to transmit up to 30% more than the T and AT conventional belts resulting in long lasting belts or in a more compact drive.

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Belt characteristics

  • Pitch: T2,5 | T5 | T10 – TV10 (Vacuum application) | AT 5 – 10 | XL – L
  • Available on request MXL – H – HTD5M and double sided tooth construction DT5 – DT10
  • Working temperatures between: -10/+80 °C
  • Tension cords: steel with high tensile strength (On request: Kevlar® |Stainless Steel | HFE – high flexibility)


  • High performance power transmission
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior length stability
  • Clean power transmission without dispersion of dust
  • High chemical resistance and in particular to oils, greases and gasoline
  • High abrasion resistance


Available with standard pulleys in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing or according to customer specifications.

Wide range of timing bars available on stock.

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