SIT NEXT® V-Belts: maintenance-free

SIT presents the new SIT NEXT® V-belts, the result of over 50 years of specific experience in the motion transmission.
SIT NEXT® narrow-section moulded cog belts are manufactured  according to DIN7753, ISO4184 and RMA IP-22.
Designed to transmit high torques in extreme applications, they don’t need to be re-tensioned, improving transmission efficiency.
SIT NEXT® are maintenance free, reducing the machine downtime and maintenance costs.
Thanks to the ISO SET length tolerance system, it is possible to install multi belts drives with no matching requirements.
These features, combined with a considerable service life, make SIT  NEXT® belts the best answer for the most demanding industrial  applications.

SIT NEXT® V-belts, made in EPDM compound, show an extremely high resistance to abrasion.
They are antistatic according to ISO 1813 and comply with Reach and Rohs regulations.
The EPDM compound, the traction elements in polyester and the special anti-abrasive coating allow the SIT NEXT® belts to operate in  particularly harsh conditions.