SAFEMAX® Torque Limiters

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In industrial applications, increase of automation in the manufacturing process is becoming a strict requirement; performances are constantly improving with increasing use of precision utilizing servo systems and higher speeds.

Furthermore, in order to improve production capacity it is important to ensure robust systems that are suitable for  increasing resistance to global dynamic loads.
Torque overload generated by human error, mechanical malfunction or other causes is, however, unpredictable and if not intercepted can damage the machine and, consequently, cause downtime which can be long and, therefore, expensive.

SAFEMAX® Torque Limiters prevent these problems from happening through instant disengagement of the motor side from the driven side in case of torque overload, thus reducing risk of expensive downtime. In addition, our torque limiters, being torsionally rigid and backlash free, allow for a rapid and accurate resumption of machine operations once the cause of the overload has been eliminated.


  • Low moment of inertia
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free
  • Disengagement within 1-3 milliseconds
  • Easy and safe adjustment of the torque
  • Re-engagement to 360° or in phase

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